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    Representative Xue frowned... A guy lost 00 in profits, isn't this a bargain?

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    Order the fourth battalion to be on strict alert to stop the enemy from the air at Guisui!

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    The mountain road is steep and quite difficult for people and animals to travel. The commanders and warriors of the 43rd Army Corps are not allowed to walk while clearing snow to make way for the group behind, otherwise mules, horses and strays will die. The momentum of carrying heavy supplies and ammunition would be insurmountable. However, there were still camels that were stabbed by sharp ice edges and howled in pain, the soldiers could only use bayonets to save these poor animals from the pain. The cadres saw this scene with sadness. This herd of animals was bought by the central government from the herdsmen with real money, a valuable asset of the revolution, but now they can only become corpses lying in the mountains.

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    The Japanese army on the Suiyuan battlefield had become a lonely army, its logistics were cut off and there was not much ammunition left.

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    The two main regiments being threatened, Katsuji Satake became extremely afraid, and while reporting to the forward finger for further air combat instructions, he ordered the mechanized infantry regiment and The search team attached to the brigade quickly approached. His second order was faithfully carried out, the mobile infantry unit joined the search team, leading the search team towards the 3rd Armored Brigade. However, there were no combat instructions. During a call with the division commander, he learned the news that shocked him: "The 5th Brigade was also attacked by Chinese armor and suffered heavy losses! In addition, , 8th Division The regiment also fought a small-scale battle with the Chinese army, and the Chinese army was the attacking side!”

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    However, a black heart is a black heart, Xue Jianqiang had to admit that the War Hammer made by Lolicon was truly terrifying, just a battalion opened fire at a distance of 25 kilometers, and the Japanese army had nearly 40,000 troops in a division and a detachment. The attack of the Chinese Communist Party was paralyzed, thought to be bombarded by a 300mm caliber fortress, the entire army was confused, and morale fell.

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    The 92-step cannon hidden behind the bunker was also equipped with armor-piercing bullets to target these steel monsters and fire with high accuracy. Unfortunately it was useless, the armor-piercing bullets fired by the 92-step cannon bounced back, leaving shallow dents in the enemy's armor. Many tanks quickly turned their guns, aiming at three 92-step guns and firing fiercely. The Japanese military discovered to their horror that these damned tanks not only had blood-spraying defenses but could essentially ignore all Japanese anti-tank weapons, the two main guns also has a rate of fire like a heavy machine gun, with 1.5 bullets per second. 57mm high explosive bullets rushed in. It's okay to be inaccurate, just aim at that area and shoot! As soon as they encountered each other, one of the three 92-step guns was overturned, the gunners of the remaining two guns scrambled to escape from the gun position, and the two guns were still smashed. More tanks aimed their guns at the Japanese fortifications, and the terrifying sound of "tom tom, tom, tom" exploded into pieces. The entire position exploded, and the Japanese were surrounded in the fortifications. I couldn't even lift my head up! Captain Shinichi Kudo braved the rain and dust and reported to the garrison headquarters by phone: "The Chinese army used a powerful tank equipped with two main guns with an extremely fast rate of fire. The power is so strong that we cannot hold out any longer, we request assistance!" As a caption to his hoarse roar, there was an earth-shattering roar, and the Chinese soldiers Hiding behind the tank, it roared and jumped dozens of meters away. The Japanese defense line, which was suppressed by tanks, rushed forward, explosive packages, explosive tubes, and missiles rained down, without even needing to explode. could smash the Japanese army to pieces! Violent explosions toppled trembling fortifications that had been bombarded by tanks. The flamethrowers most feared by the Japanese army overcame entire commando teams. and rushed into several core fortifications. The tall and powerful Shandong Dai Han used the Type 02 Flamethrower which can be said to be convenient, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha black dragon flame Rushing into the fortification from every crevice, the howling sound of wild beasts inside the fortification immediately rang out...

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    Neji Gangmura said bitterly: "This is a great discovery, unfortunately..." Shaking his head, he swallowed the words "too late", picked up a pen to write an order to stop the attack, and signed his name on it. . This meant he didn't have to worry about how to defeat the unexpectedly powerful Eighth Army at the moment, because the higher-ranked ones didn't want to fight anymore.

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    The aerial bomb accurately hit the roof of the building, penetrated the ceiling and exploded.

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    Xue Min said: "Keep an eye on them, as soon as they catch fire, you will attack and put out the fire, and I will freeze them to death!"

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    Xue Min's face darkened instantly... full of foul water? There is such a boast! ?

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    That's right, after a fierce attack by two heavy artillery brigades, three divisional artillery regiments, two armored brigades and one infantry division of the Eighth Route Army, the 118th Division disappeared. from the Japanese battle formation after only 48 hours. leftover residue.

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    At this time, a series of small but fierce battles broke out between the vanguard of the 8th Division and the vanguard of the 8th Army. One desperately wanted to rush out of the desert and burn the war to Yulin, a land of treasure, They fall back, sparks fly with each fight. On the first day of the battle, more than 500 men from the 8th Division were sent back to their hometown in Dongyang without a large-scale battle, and the entire division was set ablaze. The division commander intended to push the main force up to force the main force of the 8th Army to appear to fight them, but the bad news came that the 3rd Tank Division was surrounded. Encountering the main force of the 8th Army stubbornly blocking the way, as a pioneer, and when surrounded by the 8th Army, he came to fight the fire, why was the 3rd Tank Division surrounded before? He did not dare to be careless, immediately commanded two infantry regiments, took the search regiment first, and the artillery regiment pressed the formation, approaching the 3rd tank division.

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    Xue Jianqiang was so angry that her nose curled up: "She's not called extravagant, she's called dead! Damn it, why didn't I find out before that she had such killing ability? No." , I must immediately throw her back to my parents there, or something will happen!”

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Come on, my good boss, the production of this plane stopped N years ago, and I can help you find more than a hundred, thank God!"

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    Xue Jianqiang almost fainted: "Oh my god, how much homework have you reported? Can you study?"

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    Everything that needed to be discussed was over, and the Yalta system was formed, according to the concept of the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, the United States and the Soviet Union stood at the top of the pyramid, Britain and France below, and below Another is Australia, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and other small and medium-sized countries in Europe, and finally the underdeveloped countries in Asia and Europe. Africa and Latin America. They use their own blood to fend off the nations that are oppressing them, using their own dead bodies to maintain the stability of this pyramid.

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    The Japanese infantry dug trenches on the sand dunes. Following the trenches, the artillery used 75mm mountain guns and 105mm howitzers to shoot directly at Chinese tanks at close range. The bullets hit the thick armor, shaking the surface. land. They still couldn't do anything with the Type 80's thick frontal armor, but the accompanying armored vehicles attacked very fiercely, several vehicles were destroyed one after another, the Chinese soldiers were enveloped in fire and rolled down. got out of the car screaming. It was cut in half by heavy machine gun bullets. Looking at the Chinese tanks crippled by the fire, the Japanese army's morale, which had fallen to the bottom, finally revived a little... It turned out that the Chinese tanks could also be destroyed!