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    That was the first time they met each other in their previous lives.

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    The leader of Central Plains is so good at fighting, but leader Shibusawa doesn't look like the leader of Central Plains. Although the leader of Central Plains has the advantage of height, she is still the leader's wife.

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    Suddenly, her face was held and raised.

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    In extreme panic, Minetto suddenly looked towards Shibusawa Tatsuhiko, but this time, there was no longer the previous arrogance on his face, only an increasingly uncontrollable panic, he went crazy with rage. said: “After all, it turns out that you really…you really…really see it and…succeed…crazy…you must be crazy…no no no, I'm not, I'm just...just curious. .."

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    "Just do it." Nakahara Chuya used a slap to push Shibusawa Ryuhiko's face away. When this guy bent down to grope around, his waist instinctively felt weak. Thinking about all the things yesterday, Zhongyuan Zhong felt that such things should relax and immediately decided to stay away.

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    Kyoto also has a magic academy. Even though there are no special level magicians, Kyoto is still home to magicians. There are many magicians from noble families, and there are also There are quite a few special level magicians, which is reasonable. that there will be no shortage of manpower.Conditions. However, the reality is very magical, and curse incidents in Kyoto are frequent, surpassing Tokyo at one point.

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    Pausing for a moment, Nakahara Chuya raised his head and kissed Shibusawa Ryuhiko's lips, saying seriously: "Thank you. If you don't like to hear me say thank you, listen one last time."

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    He is known only as the supernatural being with the most transcendent potential, in order to achieve the vision of making him transcendent, the Supernatural Secret Service constantly backslides and cleans up the mess for him us, until things go too far. He almost destroyed Yokohama before making the life or death decision to stop Shibusawa Tatsuhiko.

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    Chuya... Shibusawa Ryuhiko almost fell into Nakahara Chuya's arms and said in a low voice: "You are my god, you light up my life, control my happiness and sadness."

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    I saw everything pouring out at once, and the sound of things falling into the water was endless.

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    On Nhien raised his head, there was only a sliver of green on the big tree. At this moment, a small white flower like a single sapling was in Tham Ngu's hand.

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    Anyone who obstructs the implementation of the policy must go to jail.

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    In the void, Chung Nguyen Trong Nghiep crossed his arms over his chest, slightly raised his jaw, and said: "Get out."

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    On Nhien glanced at the hand holding his arm and smiled brightly.

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    In the thick fog, Shibusawa Ryuhiko's lips on the portrait moved slightly, and a delicate voice rang out in the treasure room.

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    On Nhien lowered her head to look, sure enough, a dry leaf fell on her shoulder. She raised her hand to brush it away, pursed her lips and smiled and said: "Don't bother, brother."

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    "Funny." Shibusawa Tatsuhiko turned around and lamented to Nakahara Chuya, "Having penetrated this far, the black organization hasn't even been promoted to prime minister, it's really embarrassing."

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    Tham Ngu caught the book and threw it at him, tilting his head slightly, "Are you embarrassed?"

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    I'm about to be strangled by you!

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    But Shibusawa Tatsuhiko's heart beat so fast that it almost jumped out of his throat. The small wound on his lip was nothing, fireworks were exploding in his head.

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    When Fu Heisher was about to attack, he investigated Gojo Wu and Xia Youjie in detail. One thing that was not good about a magician from a large family like Wujo Wu was the information about his magic formula. We are not at all secretive, and it is easy to get it in hand. As for Xia Youjie, his "spell control" is rare, and there are not many records in the magic world, but with the magic tool in hand, what Fu Heisher is most afraid of is killing the spell with trick.

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    It is Fu Heisher, who has been lying in wait here for a long time!

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    “...Tell me honestly, what are you planning?” Nakahara Nakaya raised his head slightly. This angle made him a little uncomfortable. He couldn't help but reach out and pinch Shibusawa Ryuhiko's cheek.

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    On Nhien was wrapping cakes on the table in parchment paper. Hearing that, he didn't even turn around and said, "I didn't quarrel with him."