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    Cheng Fei didn't care much, he kept patting his chest and told Xue Jianqiang that there was no problem, at most a year they would be able to produce a prototype and conduct a test flight. There's really no problem, because this new fighter is an enlarged version of the J-7... They've been playing the J-7 for decades, they can do it with their eyes closed, it's just an enlarged version. just big. That's trivial! Furthermore, many parts can be used directly from the J-7, just dismantle it from the retired J-7, saving a lot of time, making a prototype takes a year, this is a understatement! So excited, the owner personally held a party to welcome this distinguished guest. The owner and guests often raised their glasses to congratulate and drink all the glasses!

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    On the central front, the US Fifth Army was also extremely depressed. They are participating in the war that the United States military hates most. of the dead. But very bad. What's even worse is that in the eyes of the Allies, the Italian battlefield was already a secondary battlefield. A large number of elite troops were dispatched to England in early June to participate in the Normandy landings, leaving a shortage of personnel. The situation was serious, and even ammunition began to be in short supply - far-sighted arms dealers realized that Germany was about to lose the war and reduced ammunition production globally. On this point, the Allied forces fighting fiercely in Italy could only curse "bastard", using the Fifth Army as an example. making American soldiers very dissatisfied!

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    Xue Jianqiang went over and opened a box, and sure enough, he saw several carefully placed jade items inside. These jade items were all carved from high-quality jade, without any ax marks. Extremely sophisticated and lifelike. jade, I just felt that it was great at the beginning, the rage and violence caused by killing disappeared, and my mentality gradually became peaceful. Jade is the type with the highest ability to cultivate popularity. In Asian culture, it is not without reason that jade has such a high status. I opened another box of emeralds, my dear, they are all the best things that money cannot buy! For example, a necklace of emeralds, a total of thirty-six pieces, elegant light blue, beads as big as longan beads, transparent as crystal, so luxurious that 60 million auctioneers would be embarrassed. Shame on you and resign! He was amazed: "Wow, they're all national treasures. These wild boars are really good at finding them!"

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    Not worried, but very worried. Everyone knows that natural gas is a good thing, it can replace firewood for household fuel, generate electricity, synthesize fertilizer, rubber... But now there are so many good things that we can't use them all. It can't be released into the air in vain, right? That loss is too great. 186 slapped the table fiercely: "That kid is back, let him help the chemical fertilizer factory buy some equipment! There's no reason to throw away a piece of meat because you're full to the brim!"

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    Kesselring smiled bitterly and said: "Those Soviet barbarians are stubborn and can only stubbornly carry out the orders of their superiors, so it is useless for them to arrange suspicious formations. This time, if the Soviets are mixed in, , I can only move." The main force of the army group returned to fight them." He took a large gulp of coffee and looked serious, "Admiral, there is another telegram from Berlin."

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    But now it seems that a small change has occurred, the Eighth Route Army has risen, wiped out hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops from five divisions in World War I Suiyuan, and suddenly withdrew the Mobei area from the gateway of the Soviet Union. The alliance, attack after attack, completely crushed the Japanese army! It has only been a month since Dien An issued the call to "attack the Japanese army", and there is great momentum in major cities and military bases to wipe out the entire Son Tay in one sweep! Such a powerful attack made every young man's blood boil, but it also gave this old and cunning lord deep fear. Heroes of troubled times emerged from all over the world, and with a gun they were the kings of the grass, no one could understand the importance of military might better than a warlord who rose from Times are difficult, all tricks and plots are in vain. Faced with the powerful military strength of Thai Son, that's right, the Eighth Route Army is so powerful, occupying most of Son Tay, even if the Japanese army has Even if he was defeated, it wouldn't be his turn to go to Thai Nguyen! As the Japanese invaders were still there, the Eighth Army could forgive his small tricks because of the general situation of the resistance against Japan, and give him some of the captured territories from the Japanese army. Just keep living your mother's spring and autumn dream, it would be polite not to hit him on the head with a brick!

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    Theory is nothing more than a vortex, this is the life philosophy of the Tiet family!

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    Having said all this, the First Army could only comply and advance to Paderborn. The army group commander was still happy in his heart: maybe they really hit the weakest point of the German defense, maybe the main force of army group C was dispersed and deployed on two wings to deal with it. with the third and third wings. The 7th Army of the United States, God is granting an unprecedented victory Sent to France...

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    Engineers also made many proposals to improve the chassis of the Stalin-2. After all, it was more than 70 years ahead. In their eyes, the chassis of this tank is still too rudimentary and has many areas that need improvement. up. Xue Jianqiang agreed with these opinions. After it was written, I planned to deliver it to the Soviet Union and ask them to improve the tank chassis and build a more powerful heavy tank.

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled: "In other words, it's not just a gunboat, it can also be used against half a bomber, right?"

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    For Lolicon, a pervert who can change 59 so much that even his mother doesn't notice, changing the Stalin-2, which has a larger chassis potential, is a piece of cake and can't be easy. easier. But this light project will bring them a lucrative business, so they are enthusiastic about it. The head of Lolikong said: If Xue Jianqiang is willing to buy 1300 59-1s that are about to be retired by the military and give them modifications, then this project will be free!

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    Lavrov nodded: "Yes, the Chinese comrades are very generous. And they said that if the Soviet Union needed it, they were ready to sell the Soviet Union two, but they hoped that the Soviet Union would exchange it for five times as much gold." its weight." ... These are their original words."

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    Hearing these words, everyone present had tears in their eyes. Minister Liu was so angry that he wanted to scream to the sky... This kid finally remembered to buy something decent, not easy, not easy! Before he could open his mouth, Tran Kien Phong quickly said: "Retirement, retirement, it has been replaced by the Type 09 attack cannon, now it is being sold abroad!"

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    Vien Hue's eyes were a little wet, she smiled happily and said: "Auntie Vien is also very happy... Damn girl, get down for me!" angry, and immediately said Start scolding.

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    The first is Shen Fei, as the eldest son of the Republic's aviation industry, Shen Fei has a glorious history, but since it failed to compete with the third generation domestic aircraft project in the 1980s , the halo above the eldest son's head had dimmed. much. For 30 years, they have been engaged in the Sukhoi line, J-11, J-15, J-16, in short, imitation, imitation and imitation, imitation and imitation. These heavy fighters are indeed what China desperately needs, and they have produced results that please the Air Force, but... the nickname "Shen Huoyi" is always a bit worrying shy, imitating other people's planes all your life is really annoying. On the other hand, Chengfei, first of all, project No. number of fighters of the same generation., Let the Chinese Air Force for the first time keep up with the footsteps of the United States, in the field of fourth generation fighter aircraft, we can have direct dialogue with the Air US troops, and we no longer have to worry about being crushed by an enemy with a huge generational advantage. Of course, Shen Fei was not satisfied with just building the Sukhoi series, they also wanted to develop a completely independently developed and produced fourth generation aircraft to prove that they were capable of innovation, Therefore, Shen Fei raised funds to develop the FC-31 "Falcon" "Eagle" fighter, positioned similarly to the F-35, playing a supporting role for the J-20. It turned out that this move was not very good, let alone the performance of the FC-31, Shen Fei, a corporation specializing in building heavy air superiority fighters, went to build a medium-sized fighter to help the J-20, instead tit for tat with the same heavy fighter. The stealth fighter and the J-20 compete with each other, which in itself explains a lot of the problems.. .it is equivalent to saying that it is not comparable to Chengfei in this area. So until now FC-31 is still a black account, the air force doesn't think much of it, foreign trade is difficult, Tham Phi's heart wants to cry. Now that they heard that Cheng Fei participated in such a big project without making a fuss, their eyes were all red. Oh my god, you guys started from the J-7 and went against the sky, winning a contract to export 700 fighter jets without making a fuss, what do you think? Rebel? No, you don't have to fight for anything else, but you have to fight for this! Isn't it just an enlarged version of J-7? I can do it, and I can do it better than you! The group boss slapped the table and shouted: "Someone, find out the design of the J-13 for me and complete it as soon as possible, we will fight for this order no matter what we say!"

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    The Chief of Staff looked in the direction he pointed, and his anger disappeared for a moment, replaced by surprise and ecstasy. He clutched the battalion commander's skirt even tighter, shouting eagerly: "You...where did you get so many tanks? Did you recruit tank troops to retreat to the rear base to rest? Well done. .. Hey, no, no! Why are these boxes so new, like they just came out of the factory?"

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    ———It is worth mentioning that although Stalin's massacre of counter-revolutionaries caused a sensation for some time and put everyone in the Soviet Union in danger, the number of people actually executed was not large, even The most exaggerated statistical number is only eight hundred and thirty thousand. Most of these 830,000 people died in exile, and very few were actually shot. In other words, Beloborodov's life is relatively stable, but whether he goes to Siberia to enjoy the farm remains to be seen.

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    Yoshiyuki Abe came from a prestigious family, all ancestors were daimyo, had a great reputation in the Tokugawa Shogunate, later resolutely abandoned the Tokugawa Shogunate, switched to following Emperor Meiji to participate in the Seventh War. lose. step further. The Meiji Restoration gave the Abe family a good opportunity to develop, the whole family spread its leaves widely in the political, military and business world, blooming everywhere, especially in the military... No When there was no need to compete or fight, he repeatedly accomplished military exploits, and gradually gained significant influence in the military world. However, Yoshiyuki Abe did not join the military as his parents expected; instead, he broke with family tradition and applied to the Naval Academy to become a submarine commander. sea, approaching the enemy ship and then suddenly baring its fangs. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, he fought with the United Fleet on thousands of miles of sea, with excellent submarine and powerful torpedo achievements, along with excellent command of himself, he sent American and British warships to the bottom of the sea for a time. and time again. During the Battle of Guadalcanal, which left the Japanese combined fleet and naval air force bleeding, he commanded a submarine ambush in the waters around Guadalcanal, sinking two American destroyers and a heavy cruiser. life .

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    The Ngan Xuyen Delta has always been rich in rice, of good quality, and was once a tribute. The local way of sowing is to sow a lot. Once the field is solid, sow a lot, so there is the story of "sow little, reap little, it's not worth it". starve to death." Rice transplanting? Farmers in Ninh Ha said what is rice transplanting? I've never heard of it, since ancient times we only sowed rice seeds in the fields, it's very convenient. But this time the grassroots cadres brought back some funny stories from the district:

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    For Lolicon, a pervert who can change 59 so much that even his mother doesn't notice, changing the Stalin-2, which has a larger chassis potential, is a piece of cake and can't be easy. easier. But this light project will bring them a lucrative business, so they are enthusiastic about it. The head of Lolikong said: If Xue Jianqiang is willing to buy 1300 59-1s that are about to be retired by the military and give them modifications, then this project will be free!

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    The attack on I-403 gave Gao Bo an opportunity to show off, the Chinese Navy actually appeared along the Fujian coast and intercepted I-403, tried to rob supplies on it and even captured hold this giant submersible aircraft carrier. Gaobo was extremely surprised, and at the same time extremely excited. As soon as he received the order, he quickly set sail and headed towards the sea where the incident happened. Why is it so red!

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    Both Abe Yoshiyuki and Takahashi Shino were spinning in their heads, what the heck, wasn't this channel always under the control of the Japanese military? At least the sea surface is controlled by the Japanese military, why did submarine hunters appear so suddenly? In addition, it seems that the Chinese navy does not currently have large-scale naval warfare equipment such as submarines, right? The US military cannot even send submarine hunters to China halfway around the world and then hand them over to the Chinese navy. These insidious submarine hunters will definitely fall from the sky!